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The Bootylicious Wonderland


e and my husband-to-be started our journey to Colombia from Ljubljana to Venice, from where we had a flight to Paris. When we arrived to Paris, our flight to Bogotá was postponed at least three times, so we left Charles de Gaulle Airport with a two-hour delay. As expected we arrived to El Dorado International Airport in Colombia's beating heart - Bogotá with a huge delay. We ran like crazy through Immigration Checkpoint and then further on to the correct gate, but in the end we missed our connected flight to Cartagena for 10 mins. Luckily they immediately arranged the next flight, so after 27 hours on the way, we finally reached our destination. We landed in Cartagena and forgot about every small detail on the way the moment we stepped out of the airport and felt the outside high temperature. People looked at us strangely, because we were dressed like Eskimos, while they were wearing flip-flops. May I add, we came to Colombia in December, when Slovenia and most of the other Central European countries usually have minus something degrees Celsius.

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artagena, the capital of the Bolívar Department, is one of the most historical cities in the Caribbean. The Caribbean region with today's Cartagena was once known as Puerto Hormiga Culture as the first documented human community. Cartagena (in Spanish: Cartagena de Indias) was named after the Spanish city of Cartagena, which has got its name after Cartagena in Tunisia, where I visited the remains of the old city some years ago, so that fact was very interesting to me. Cartagena was founded in 1533, later on the city was attracted by pirates and today it is known also as The Magic City. Its first inhabitants were Spanish immigrants, who came there mostly because of the gold found in the tombs of the culture, known as the Sinú.

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