Hello! I am from Ljubljana, Slovenia - probably the only country in the world, that has the word LOVE in its name ...

Before the independence, Slovenia believed to be the leading republic of former Yugoslavia, nowadays it seems like just another cute, cosy countryside inside European Union, who does what every small country has to do to get recognition. That is why in some way is still a bit difficult to find the real identity, plus if your origin is actually Croatian :)

Maybe this is the hidden reason why I love to explore bigger, wider (and wilder), undiscovered gems of our amazing planet. I have always believed that the word HOME means WORLD. I don't measure home in square meters. For me home is a feeling, a vibration. It can be outdoors in a warm embrace by the fire. Home to me is everywhere I feel comfortable, welcomed and where I can seize the moment alone or with my darlings. The thing I have to deal with on my travels is that I don't have as much free time as I would like, since I work a full time job. Sometimes it looks impossible, but eventually you learn how to plan your trips, even if just for a few days.

What have I realised about myself on my journeys ...

A globetrotter who has a high respect for mother Earth.

Certainly not indifferent, realising what mankind is doing to our (l)on(e)ly planet.

Nature and animal lover.

A barefoot traveler who likes tourist-free zones.

Love stone houses, olive trees, hammocks, wind mills and vintage cars. Yes, I am an old soul.

More of a cowboy than a lady, since I don't care much about shopping, make up and gossiping.

Grateful for previous experiences and humble before every new one.

Rather than multi-million metropolises I like a deserted island vibe.

Sometimes I have a strong feeling I was born on the wrong side of the Atlantic, but then again, if I would find myself on the 'Other side', I would probably miss Greek islands the most :)

Oh, and let's not forget about the music: Rock & Roll, Tango, Fado and Country (on Route 66) will do just great.


Thank you for taking your time to stop by. Enjoy my blog, I know I will enjoy creating it!


Shall we dance now, my dear voyageurs?